Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Up and Coming Events

1. Carnival Baskets:  I wanted to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Estes for volunteering to coordinate the Room 213 basket for the Carnival!!! I also wanted to thank Mrs. Desmond. Mrs. Estes, and Mrs. Davidson, who I know are already helping with Carnival Set Up and Coordination. The children really love this day and I love see the parent support. I am sorry and please let me know if I missed any names. 

2. Gerbils need a home...Again!: Thank you to the Desmond family for taking in our Gerbils over vacation in December. If you are willing to  take them this February, please let me know. You will get them sent with a clean cage, and all you need to do is make sure the water and food are filled.

3. Friday Movie Day: This kiddos have yet again earned a movie. School wide, each grade had a goal to earn 50 hoot cards to get a movie, and they did reach the goal. The movie will be Hotel Transylvania 2. If you DO NOT wish for your child to watch this movie, please send me an email. They may bring in a stuffed animal for the movie.

4. Valentine's Day: On Friday afternoon, we will be doing a Valentines Day celebration. If your child would like to create  valentines for the whole class, they may. They are not required to make cards, but if you do create them, they need to include everyone. I have attached a list of names below. You may also bring in a special snack for this celebration.

Class List
Aditya, Alexis, Alli, Amber, Celia, Charles, Chloe, Henry, Kalash, Keira, Shefali, Skylar, Vivaan

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