Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mystery Readers

Hello Room 213 Families!

In the month of December, I would like to welcome you into the classroom as a "Mystery Reader"! I would like to surprise the students with a reader and one of your favorite picture books. It can be a holiday book, a family book, ANY picture book you would like! If you would like to participate, please reply to me with the book you would like to read and a day and time that works best for you (see below). If there isn't a time that works for you below, please email me and we can see what we can do!

Please be sure you  have an up to date CORI on file in Burlington and have attended Mr. Lyons' confidentiality meeting (if you are not sure, please let me know).

Thank you! Keep reading! AND remember shhhhh it's a Mystery who's coming in!
~Ms. Merlino

PS: SAVE THE DATE 12/21 @9:45-11:00 in grade 4 classrooms
Grade 4s 2nd Annual "Cultural Day"

MYSTERY READER day and times:
MONDAYS @ 10:00am

TUESDAY 12/1 @ 9:30am or 1:15pm (2 people on this day)
TUESDAY 12/15 @ 1:15pm

WEDNESDAYS @10:00 or 1:15 (2 people on these days)

THURSDAYS @10:00am

FRIDAYS @10:00 or 1:15 (2 on these days)

Please email me at if you would like to come in.

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